• Electronic Servo AVR / Stabilizer (PS)

Electronic Servo AVR / Stabilizer (PS)

Specially for single phase CNC industrial and computer/instrument equipment
Single Phase Electronic Servo AVR is suitable for all kinds of single phase load and premises. The product lines have complete series and are all CE certified. The products are light, thin and small in size and are environmentally friendly conceptual models. The products have patented bypass device and continuous stepless voltage regulation design. The products are highly accepted and welcome by CNC industry, computer and instrument industries.
Model : PS single phase series

Instrument Lamp Indicating

Precise Main Control PCB

With Surge Protection

The latest power conditions are indicated by voltmeter, High/Low and normal indicator


With multiple functions, including self-detection, High/Low voltage  protection and voltage regulation


Having lightning surge    protection element to   protect   equipment

SOVP Device

Bypass Protection Device

Whether it is switched on or recover from power outage, the Start Over Voltage Protection will always re-start from low voltage, won’t have high voltage output

All models are equipped with bypass protecting device, so as to keep the equipment installed with the AVR free from any damage 


text3.gifInput range is ±15%

text3.gifOutput accuracy is within ±1% 

text3.gifSelf-detecting function

text3.gifContinuous stepless regulation design

text3.gifNo distortion

text3.gifOverload, short circuit protect device 

text3.gifStart over voltage protection

text3.gifPowerful overload 150% ability

text3.gifFront panel with LED indicator displayed (5~10KVA)

text3.gifWith O/P voltmeter to monitor O/P voltage 

text3.gifHigh Efficiency ≧98%

text3.gifInnovative panel design

text3.gifCompact size & environmentally friendly conceptual models

text3.gifWith patented bypass device

AOI Test Machine
Inspect Instrument
Office IT Equipment

Computer Classroom
Multimedia Equipment
Gas Station

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