Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Power Conditioner

Powerex is a professional AVR manufacturer of single phase automatic voltage regulator (Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer) as we have over thirty years of experiences. The automatic voltage regulators are divided into series by different uses, including single phase, CVT type, electronics and MOTO. Powerex automatic voltage regulator series are high-performance and high-efficiency which save both your time and money.  
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Automatic Voltage Regulator series:

Electronic Servo AVR / Stabilizer (PS)

Specially for single phase CNC industrial and computer/instrument equipment
Single Phase Electronic Servo AVR is suitable for all kinds of single phase load and premises. The product lines have complete series and are all CE certified. The products are light, thin and small in size and are environmentally friendly conceptual models. The products have patented bypass device and continuous stepless voltage regulation design. The products are highly accepted and welcome by CNC industry, computer and instrument industries.

CVT Type AVR / Stabilizer (ELA)

Specially for high precision instrument
CVT Type Automatic Voltage Regulator is in small size, maintenance –free and service – free. It is highly adaptable to demand environment. Solid and durable resonance AVR has the following 10 advantages and will be the top choice for you in selecting AVR.

Electronics Type AVR / Stabilizer (ND)

Specially for small electric and OA equipment
Compact ND series Electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator, the equipment is in full electronic automatic control. It is rapid in voltage regulation and the frequency wave form of output is same as input. Free of distortion matched with very wide input range, the equipment can absorb surge instantly and is equipped with complete protection device. It is suitable for areas with instable voltage or where stable voltage is required.

Electronics Type AVR / Stabilizer (NU)

Specially for automatic control and distribution panel
Compact size NU series electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator is in all-electronic automatic control. It is featured with rapid voltage regulation, frequency wave of output is same as input, free of distortion and has very wide input range. It can absorb surge instantly and there is perfect protecting devices that is suitable for area with instable voltage or where steady voltage required.