text.gifBusiness Innovation :

Powerex Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1986, she later was merged and became an electronic business in Eastern House Group. Accumulating more than 30 years of power products' expertise both in production and market promotion.

Ever since the initiation of the enterprise, we thus have put into a singnificant effort and make every endeavor to position our products as the symbol of "reliability". To satisfy customers with top quality and considerate service also is deep-rooted in each Powerex's mind as their obligation. In order that we perfectly achieve this we constantly source any advanced components as well as the techniques to upgrade our products to ensure our commitment to the customers in the market.

Besides technically upgrading, we consider it is still far from enough to win reliability, ISO9001 approval, the world-wide standard is the solid presentation to indicate our faith on quality principal. Endless innovation, product diversification, cost-effectiveness and making our customers partnership will always be our goal to globally marketing our products.


text.gifSales Analysis By Regions :


text.gifManagement :


text.gif Endlessly Innovative Research And Development :

Due to the competition in the market becomes more and more drastic by which leads cut short in margins, product life cycle...etc, the research and development (R&D) is getting significantly important to our business infinity. Our direction for R&D is based on not only the market trend but also to foresee market's demand with our marketing experience. To prepare ourselves ahead of the market and so to grab the market chances quickly.

In order to make short of R&D timing and possibly runs ahead of all our competitors in the market, we especially form a team of efficient R&D sponsored 5% from each annual sales, the sponsor budget has been constantly increased in accordance with the sales increase.

To keep our R&D tough, prospective, the leader in our area, we have set up a routine on-the-job training and providing bonus to encourage our R&D engineers to invent new products. We also pay salary to get objective advice from professional consultant in this way to trim ourselves more fit in the market trend. 

text.gifOn-the-job Training, The Cornerstone Of Quality :

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text.gif Our Very Professional Production Procedure :

We own two standard factories which located in industrial area to manufacture our products. Every production procedure is well-institutionalized and equipped with highly precise testing instruments to control the production and product quality. All members within our business are very well-trained technician. We are ISO9001 approved, which is the best way to prove our quality.

Every single component has been severely screened before put into production, 100% test and burn-in for the products to ensure 100% reliable in quality. The production procedure has been designed to save cost, making the products cost-effective and passing the benefit to our customers.

text.gif Our AVR's Application Covering A Wild Range As :


text.gif Endeavored Quality Control Policy :

For the last 30 years, we persevering and consistently keep ourselves at the faith of "only reliable quality, good services can lead to a good sale". As it is our faith and also our business principle, we strive to advance and work out every detailed production procedure, in addition with stringently quality control system to monitor every  production steps. We realize this is the best way we give our warrant to the customers.


text.gif Quality Control Structure :


text.gif Sell With Sincerity :

For the sake of upgrading our salesmanship to satisfactorily serve our customers, we demand all of our staff in the Sales Department must serve first from production or Engineering Department, then more to Sales Department to serve our customers. It is our commitment to guarantee our quality also it is the corporate sustainability which to rely upon. For years of reputation we have won from customers, Powerex is the brand that you can trust.

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