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Super-Smart AVR / Stabilizer (PS)
Super-Smart AVR / Stabilizer (PS)
3 phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer - Specially for 3 phase CNC industrial equipment
Intelligent logic assemble function programming, it is suitable for all kinds of load and premises. The product lines have complete series and are all CE certified. Also, its with compact size, high efficiency, and easy to operation. Electrical and servo module mass producing, with several patents and anti-mistake circuit design, the producing procedure meet international standard, with high reliability quality and long MTBF.

              Logic Assemble Function
SOVP Device
Self-Detecting Function

Adopt with multilayer and big range
DIP SW logic assemble design,
include high/low voltage, delay,
quick regulating and O/P accuracy 
setting. All setting can operate and
select easier,user can pre-set the most appropriate adjustment in accordance with the load requirement

       Whether it is switched on or 
        recover from  power outage,
        he Start Over Voltage Protection
        will always re-start from  low
        voltage, won’t
        (have high voltage output)     

       Each time during the unit turn
       on the AVR, fast detect utility
       and itself whether under
       protect setting quickly, then
       supply precisevoltage to the

WithSurge Protection
I/P& O/P Wires Protection

With lightning andsurge protect function (only few models have)
Three phaseseparate regulators design

Wiring fixed, I/P, O/P wires well sealed, stable &safety
               Bypass & Indication               H Class Protection

With three phasevoltage indicator and bypass device
With Class Hinsulation materials transformer