Power transformers are a component that transfers the electrical power while increasing or decreasing the voltage at the same time. This ability comes from the nature that the transformer helps to pass the current without actually linking the wires in a circuit. Instead, the transformer delivers the current through a core wound by two separated wire conductors. Based on the core design, you can find a number of power transformer types on the market. There are laminated-core transformers, iron-core transformers, air-core transformers, etc. Each of them transfers currents with different characteristics for the circuit. In addition to the core design, the wingdings (turns and materials) also determine the characters of the current that passes through the transformer. Powerex uses high-quality components to minimize the loss rate and improve its effectiveness. Our transformer design also ensures a low voltage change rate. Contact us right now to learn more about our products and services!


Power Transformer (TD & MTF)

Specially for CNC and industrial equipment
More than 25 years design and manufacturing experience, specialized R & D team and stringent quality control ensured top-rated product. Specialized in the manufacturing of all kinds of transformer, single phase and 3 phase transformer, auto type transformer, automatic voltage regulator and UPS specific transformer, inductor and choke coil. We can also accept customize order to different capacity and specification.

Variable Transformer (TL)

Specially for equipment voltage adjusting and testing
TL variable transformer is designed to provide large range for power equipment testing. It can be adjusted and stabilized voltage, covering manual, automatic, single phase and 3 phase and is the best choice for equipment of voltage adjustment.