• Electronics Type AVR / Stabilizer (ND)

Electronics Type AVR / Stabilizer (ND)

Specially for small electric and OA equipment
Compact ND series Electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator, the equipment is in full electronic automatic control. It is rapid in voltage regulation and the frequency wave form of output is same as input. Free of distortion matched with very wide input range, the equipment can absorb surge instantly and is equipped with complete protection device. It is suitable for areas with instable voltage or where stable voltage is required.
Model : ND series

Compact Size and Light Weight

Industrial Class Output Outlets

With Surge Protection

Compact size, light weight and elegant appearance

Use industrial flame resistance fire-proof output outlets, relatively safe

With lightning surge protection element for protecting equipment

No Interference of Low Frequency

Equipped with Output Voltmeter


Low frequency design keeping equipment from interference of oscillation

Indicating present output voltage


text3.gifWith lightning surge protection
text3.gifIndustrial class output outlets, safe and reliable
text3.gifWorking in full low frequency and would not Interfere your equipment
text3.gifHigh efficiency, high power factor, energy conservation and environment friendly
text3.gifSteel shell design with best fire-proof effect
text3.gifCompact and light weight, elegant appearance
text3.gifWith overload and short circuit protection, and can resume power supply automatically when
    overload is removed
text3.gifWith output voltmeter, indicating clearly

Office IT Equipment
Personal Computer
Wireless Communication

Information Home Appliance
Retailer POS
Work Station

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