• lnduction Electronic A.I.V.R. (PL)

lnduction Electronic A.I.V.R. (PL)

lnduction No-Contact Electron Automatic Voltage Regulator has durable solid mechanism and is suitable for large current load and whole plant voltage regulation environment. Traditional inductive structure with latest CPU programmable control,increasing stability and reliability and effectively promote the overall efficiency.
Model : PL series

Clear Meter Design

              Excellent and Precision                Main Control Circuit

          Precision Controlled             Protecting Device

Wide-angle meter design,output voltage and current can be clearly identified           

Modular exchangeable control mode design-a more humanized design concept  

Main control elements are equipped with over-current protecting switches and fuses

Alert Dry Contact


Motot Driver PCB

Equipped with alert dry contact for connecting externally circuit to control room for easy monitor

At each starting, it can rapidly detect the present situation to be safe

With overload protection circuit, failure rate can be reduced

Manual Adjusting Device

Programmable Setting

Audio Alarm Device

After control system switched off, this device can be used to adjust voltage manually to needed value

Adopt multi-layer big range preset switch to meet the optimal needs

At abnormal, three is audio alarm and action of alert dry contact

text3.gifSolid mechanism and durable

text3.gifDigital CPU programmable control

text3.gifAdopt no-contact voltage adjustment

text3.gifContinuous stepless voltage regulating design

text3.gifOutput voltage in linear voltage increased and decreased control

text3.gifOutput voltage free of noise interference

text3.gifNo distortion

text3.gifSelf-detecting function

text3.gifAlarm for abnormal high/low voltage output

text3.gifAlarm for abnormal phase loss and phase reverse

text3.gifAlarm for abnormal temperature

text3.gifAllowed for externally connecting tripping switch for performing cut-off power function

text3.gifDigital displayed output voltage and current

text3.gifEfficiency higher than 98%

Production Line
Large-Scale Equipment
Automatizing Production Line

Petrochemical Industry
Shipping Dock

Communicating Equipment

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