Intelligent High Power AVR (Three Phase)Automatic Voltage Stabilizer(PSN)
Product Introduction

Specially for whole plant power equipment

Intelligent High Power Automatic Voltage Regulator with large capacity sectional and divisional design, it is suitable for entire plant voltage regulation. Combining with distribution panel, it is very convenient to build to the site. Electrical and mechanical monitoring / feedback / warning and remote contact as well as high power surge supressor, it meets international standard IEEE587 specification.

  • Input range is ±15% (±10%~±40% can be customized)
  • High Efficiency ≧98%
  • Output accuracy is within ±1%
  • With O/P voltmeter to monitor O/P voltage
  • Self-detecting function and intelligent logic voltage regulation design
  • Continuous stepless regulator design, three phase independent control
  • No distortion, regulation is accuracy and won't oscillate
  • Front panel with LED indicator displayed
  • Overload, short circuit protect warning function
  • Each phase and each section with bypass function
  • Start over voltage protection
  • Each phase with high rating M.O.V. device
  • Powerful overload 150% ability
  • Fault warning: LED (red) and alarm (with mute button)

  • SMT Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Control Room

  • Industrial Automation

  • Base Station

  • Production Line
Function Description:

Logic Assemble Function Programming

Adopt with multilayer and big range DIP SW logic assemble design, include high/low voltage, delay, and O/P accuracy setting. All setting can operate and select easier, user can pre-set the most appropriate adjustment in accordance with the load requirement

Monitor / Feedback / Buzzer/ Dry Contact

Output voltmeter monitor three phase voltage. With individual three phase feedback buzzer, mute switch and remote monitor dry contact

Electronic Bypass Design for Each Phase and Section

Each phase and each section available separate with their own bypass switch, even under bypass condition which still keep the over/under voltage and phase loss warning function

Innovative Panel Design

The display panel provides user a clear viewing which also may seen the indicator's color to realize normal or abnormal. The green LED stands for normal, the red LED with buzzer shown abnormal

SOVP Device

Whether it is on or recover from power outage, the Start Over Voltage Protection will always re-start from low voltage

3 Phase Detect & Regulated Separately

PSN's design is good to detect and adjust three phase individually, the high accurate regulation, output voltage won't oscillation
Model & Specification:
Model No. (PSN-) 3150
Capacity (KVA) 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 750 1000 1200 1500
Voltage X2 : 3ψ 3W 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V system (I/P and O/P are the same)
X3 : 3ψ 3W 380V, 400V system (I/P and O/P are the same)
X4 : 3ψ 3W 415V, 440V system (I/P and O/P are the same)
N1 : 3ψ 4W 110/190V, 120/208V, 127/220V system (I/P and O/P are the same)
N2 : 3ψ 4W 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V system (I/P and O/P are the same) (Indicate phase voltage)
N3 : 3ψ 4W 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V system (I/P and O/P are the same) (Indicate line voltage)
InputRange ±15% (±10%~±40% can be customized)
Frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Output Accuracy ≦1%
Power Factor 0.95~1
Efficiency ≧98%
Response Time <0.1 Sec.
Waveform Distortion No distortion (the same with input waveform)
WarningHigh Voltage Standard Feature (can be Various / Multi / Big range pre-set and LED displayed)
Low Voltage Standard Feature (can be Various / Multi / Big range pre-set and LED displayed)
Phase Failure Standard Feature (can be Various / Multi / Big range pre-set and LED displayed)
Bypass Standard Feature (with Phase Failure, Instant Trip, High / Low Voltage warning function at work)
IndicatorsPower Standard Feature
Voltage Standard Feature
Abnormal Standard Feature
Overload 150% for 10 seconds
Environment Temperature:0℃~45℃   Humidity: 0%~95% RH (Non-Condensing)