Product Name : Variable Transformer (TL)
Product Description

TL series

Specially for equipment voltage adjusting and testing

TL variable transformer is designed to provide large range for power equipment testing. It can be adjusted and stabilized voltage, covering manual, automatic, single phase and 3 phase and is the best choice for equipment of voltage adjustment.

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  • Continuous output, linear voltage adjustment, wide range of testing
  • Use directional iron core made in Japan with high efficiency and power conservation
  • Low internal impedance, low voltage drop and can sustain transient heavy load
  • Can be parallel connected output to meet needs in load capacity
  • Can be used together with electric motor to give output adjusting smoothly
  • Sturdy structure, simple installation, good heat radiating effect and easy to fit with served equipment
  • Adjusting shaft is made of synthetic resin that ensures insulation and prevent leakage
  • Venting port designed to give good radiating effect for promoting efficiency