On-Line UPS (high frequency) - P
Product Introduction


Specially for precision instrument and high end computer

100% made in Taiwan, the On Line UPS system is suitable for load of SMT, OA quipment, automatic testing system, computer and related products. In IGBT/PWM advance and module design, the equipment is highly reliable, excellent quality and exceptional long MTBF.



Very wide input voltage range


Battery capacity can be expanded for long time discharge


Units of this series have very wide input voltage range,
such as 220V system – input 160V-286V and full load for output


Design of this series allows for expanding battery capacity for long time discharge and can match with large current charging board for shorting battery recharge time

Input high power factor design-energy conservation and
environment friendly


Output voltage can be adjusted to ±5%


Input power factor of product of this series are at 0.95 or higher when full load  


Most of similar unit available in the market are fixed voltage output and when voltage is at high or low side, no fine tuning is allowed

With RS-232 communication port and SNMP slot


50Hz/60Hz auto identification


Can be matched with software monitoring and recording of UPS system status, input voltage, output voltage, frequency, load level, battery level, temp., and setting time of starting and shut down  


UPS has automatic identification of 50Hz or 60Hz of mains and power off output can change automatically to same frequency of mains

Dual switch on/off design –won’t mis-touching


Intelligent overload protection


On/Off design of this series must have both switches
pressed for 3 seconds to turn on or off the UPS, and
there is no chance of turning off due to careless touching


When output overload is within 150%, it will maintain for 1 min. before tripping to bypass, when the overload is more than 150%, it will trip immediately to bypass and it will resume automatically when overload is removed

Multiple audio warning functions


Multiple audio warning function


At UPS off, battery low, both overload and short
circuit protecting device will have different
warning sound


When UPS is with situation, in addition to indicating light, there are various types of buzzer warning, such as power off, battery low, overload and failure……etc.

Battery starting function


Can be used as frequency converter

  At power off of external supply, UPS can start the unit
with the internal battery
    We can accept custom order for products of this series and can be used as frequency converter

Starting self test and auto-restart when mains recover


2-stage cooling fan speed and overheating protection

  At each starting, micro- processor will test the condition of battery automatically and the panel has battery testing key for testing at any time     This UPS has two thermostats inside – one for controlling rpm of cooling fan, and the other one is for shutting UPS down when the temperature is too high due to failure of fan


Office IT Equipment

Internet Data
Data Back Up

Data Processing

Control Room Automatic Testing


Function Description:


In Micro-
Discharging Time
Light Indicator-
Clear Indication
Multiple Audio

Setting with micro-
processor control
element, precise and

It can expand the
battery capacity
to extend dis-charging time and recharging

The RS-232 com-
munication port and SNMP slot offered automatic shutdown with software control

With system status and
battery and load level
indicators that indicate
Designed with pressing both switches to start
or stop the UPS to avoid touch by mistake


Model & Specification:


Model No. P-1000 P-1000R P-2000 P-2000R P-3000 P-3000R
Capacity 1KVA/700W 2KVA/1400W 3KVA/2100W
Input Voltage Range 110V system :80V~143V (100% load), 65V~80V (70% load)
220V system: 160V~286V (100% load),130V~160V (70% load)
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz±5% (auto adjusting)
Power Factor >0.95 >0.97
Battery DC Voltage 36VDC 96VDC
Type Maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery
Back Up (Full Load) 7mins 8mins 13mins 5mins 7mins
Back Up (Half Load) 18mins 23mins 32mins 13mins 18mins
Recharging Time 8 hours to 90%
Output Voltage 110V system: 100V,110V,115V,120V
220V system: 200V,220V,230V,240V
Frequency Synchronized (line mode), 50Hz or 60Hz±0.5% (battery mode)
Waveform True sine wave
Voltage Regulation ±2%
Overload Capability 108%~150% for 1 min., >150% for 200ms
Transfer time Black Out or Power Recovered 0ms
UPS to Bypass or Reversed Transfer <4ms
Overload Disappeared Become UPS supply automatically
Noise At 1 Meter ≦40db ≦50db
Indicators LED Line(green), Inverter(green), Bypass(orange), Fault(red),
Load %(5 LEDs), Battery(orange), Battery %(5 LEDS)
Remote LCD panel Mini detachable LCD panel with 6 feet wire (option)
Audible Alarm Battery Mode Beeping every 4 seconds (reset), and per second when battery low
Fault Beeping continuously
Overload 108%~150% per second, and 150% continuously
Auto-Restart When mains black out and UPS turned off, it will auto-restart after mains recover
Interface RS-232(DB9) UPSlion 2000 monitoring software
Options Novell,AS400,SNMP,Windows NT,UNIX等
Other Function All operation need to press 2 buttons, with battery function testing and mute button
Environment Temperature, Humidity Temperature: 10℃~45℃   Humidity: 20%~90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Weight KGS 14 16.4 29 10.5+28.6 29 10.5+28.6
Dimension WxHxD (cm) 16x24x41 44x88x47 16x37x47 (44x9x47)x2 16x37x47 (44x9x47)x2

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