Electronics Type AVR-NU
Product Introduction


Specially for automatic control and distribution panel

Compact size NU series electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator is in all-electronic automatic control. It is featured with rapid voltage regulation, frequency wave of output is same as input, free of distortion and has very wide input range. It can absorb surge instantly and there is perfect protecting devices that is suitable for area with instable voltage or where steady voltage required.



Very wide input voltage range


Output voltmeter indication


This series AVR can maintain ≦5% voltage stability when the input is within-23% and + 30% range


This series AVR has analog voltmeter giving clear indication of output voltage

True RMS detecting circuit


Lightning surge protecting device


It has precise True RMS detection and is capable to maintain accurate voltage regulation when the external power supply is distorted  


It has surge protection device and can effectively absorb
4500 A (8/20μs) and can effectively reduced the damage of thunder strike

Zero-cross transfer circuit, with longer life


Multiple Indication LED


his series AVR owns accurate zero-cross circuit, the output is without power cut-off time while AVR is working  


Green LED light on at normal status, and red LED light on
at input low voltage or overheat (same LED)

Automatic start delay with good protecting effects


Industrial class output socket, safe and reliable


The AVR will delay the start 4 seconds automatically when physically started and when mains is resumed after black out, it can protect your equipment from damage of transient high voltage of surge  


Output outlets of this AVR is with industrial class outlets, solid and durable and will not melt due to overheat as ordinary injection molding products

Overload and overheat dual protection


Dual panel design with high reliability


The AVR has overheat protection, in addition to the overload protection, when transformer temperature is too high, it will cut-off output of AVR automatically  


This AVR is in dual-panel design, precisely welded. High
resistance to vibration, it gives higher reliability and longer
service life

Full low frequency working, no interference to your equipment


High efficiency, high power factor, energy conservation and environment friendly

  The AVR is free of any high frequency transforming power circuit and won’t cause any high frequency disturbance     The AVR has efficiency at least 97%, and power factor is
better than 0.98. it is the best green energy conservation

High power factor, compact, safe and elegant


Over low/ high input voltage protection


This series AVR is made of steel shell, it is good in fire protection.Compact, streamlined appearance, it occupy virtually no space  


When input voltage is too low, it will cut off output.
When input inserted to wrong socket (such as 110V AVR
inserted into 220V socket) and the voltage is too high, it will turn off internal and output power and will not damage your equipment as a result of over voltage




Office IT
Personal Computer Wireless
Information Home
Retailer POS Work Station


Function Description:


Start Delay
Industrial Class
Output Outlets
With Surge
No Interference
of Low Frequency
Overload / Overheat

Automatic 4-second
start delay for pro-
tecting high voltage
from output directly

Use industrial flame
resistance fire-proof
output outlets, basi-
cally safe

With lightning surge
protection element
for protecting equip-

Low frequency
design keeping
equipment from
interference of
Equipped with over
load and over heat
double protection


Model & Specification:


Model NU-1200M NU-2000M NU-3000M
Capacity   At -17%~+21%
At -23%~+30%
Input Nominal Voltage 1ψ 2W 100/110/115/120VAC or 200/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range -23%~+30%
Frequency 47Hz〜63Hz
Output Voltage Range ≦5%
Outlets 4pcs (non-plastic shaped, won’t melt down) 6 pcs (non-plastic shaped,
won’t melt down)
Efficiency >97% (Full load)
Overload Capability 200% for 5 seconds
Distortion No Distortion (the same with input waveform)
Power Factor 0.6~0.8 (max. value)
Display LED One LED with two colors →normal(green), overheat(red), low voltage(red)
Output Voltmeter Yes (analog type)
Protection Output Delay On Output delay for 4 seconds when turn on
Overload, Short Cut-off output
I/P Hi, I/P Low Cut-off output (while problems solved, it will recover automatically)
Overheat Cut-off output (it will recover automatically while temperature decreased 10℃)
Surge Yes (4500A, 8/20us)
Zero Transfer 50/60Hz discriminate automatically
Environment Temperature 0℃~40℃
Humidity 0%~95% (non-condensing)
Audible Noise 40db (at 1 meter)
Physical Net Weight (KGS) 3.5 4.8 5.5
Dimension WxHxD (cm)  9x17x27 (steel shell, not made by plastic shell)

User manual  

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