Electronics Type AVR -ND
Product Introduction

Specially for small electric and OA equipment

Compact ND series Electronic Automatic Voltage Regulator, the equipment is in full electronic automatic control. It is rapid in voltage regulation and the frequency wave form of output is same as input. Free of distortion matched with very wide input range, the equipment can absorb surge instantly and is equipped with complete protection device. It is suitable for areas with instable voltage or where stable voltage is required.



With lightning surge protection

Steel shell design with best fire-proof effect

Industrial class output outlets, safe and reliable

Compact and light weight, elegant appearance

Working in full low frequency and would not Interfere your equipment

With overload and short circuit protection, and can resume power supply automatically when overload is removed

High efficiency, high power factor, energy
conservation and environment friendly

With output voltmeter, indicating clearly



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Function Description:


Compact Size
and Light Weight
Industrial Class
Output Outlets
With Surge
No Interference
of Low Frequency
Equipped with
Output Voltmeter

Compact size, light
weight and elegant

Use industrial flame
resistance fire-proof
output outlets, basi-
cally safe

With lightning surge
protection element
for protecting equip-

Low frequency
design keeping
equipment from
interference of
Indicating present
output voltage


Model & Specification:


Model ND-500M ND-1000M ND-1500M
Capacity 500VA/400W 1KVA/800W 1.5KVA/1.2KW
Input Normal Voltage 1ψ 2W 100/110/115/120VAC or 200/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range -14%~+14%
Frequency 47Hz~63Hz
Output Voltage Range ≦6%
Outlets 2 pcs (adopt industrial class outlets, it’s not using plastic, won’t melt down)
Efficiency >97% (Full load)
Overload Capacity 200% for 5 seconds
Distortion No Distortion (the same with input waveform)
Power Factor 0.8
Display LED Yes (power indicator)
Output Voltmeter Yes (analog type)
Protection Overload ,Short Yes (auto-restart)
Surge Yes (4500A, 8/20us)
Safety Regulation CE
Environment Temperature 0℃~40℃
Humidity 0%~95%(non-condensing)
Audible Noise 40db(at 1 meter)
Physical Net Weight (KGS) 1.6 2 2.4
Dimension WxHxD (cm) 11x9x21

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