DC Power Supply - ESP
Product Introduction


Specially for industrial and laboratory equipment

ESP DC power supply is featured in conventional structure, reliable and stable. It’s equipped with fixed voltage and limited current device. LED indicator on Panel gives digital voltage and current, displaying clearly and simple in operation.



Adopt Silicone transistor or SCR type


Transistor: high stable rate, fast response, low ripple and ultra low noise SCR type : highly stable control circuit allowing long time continuous full load output

All digital display of output voltage and current


High precision and high resolution 3 and 1/2 LED display of voltage and current

Fixed voltage and limited current structure


Allowing voltage has more accurate output and steadier current

Overload, short circuit, reverse phase and abnormal – 4 protections


Used fast no fuse breaker with functions of abnormal and overload tripping, and internal reverse phase protection circuit and short circuit cutting circuit

Output resolution


With high precision 10 turns adjusting knob allowing precisely adjusting to needed voltage


Service Life Test

QC Power Supply


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Electric Appliance
Testing Equipment


Function Description:


Precision Main
Control PCB
Fast No Fuse
Stable Main Control
Standard Cabinet Precision Adjusting
Providing precision and
stable main control PCB
Fast no fuse breaker
has the function of
overload and short
circuit tripping
In transistor and
silicone control
rectified generating
stable DC output
Cabinet in standard
4U size and can be
combined with
equipment rack to
Precision 10 turns
voltage adjusting
knob for accurate
output voltage


Model & Specification:


Model No. (ESP-) Amplifier Type SCR Type
Input Voltage 1ψ 2W AC110V or AC220V 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Voltage DC 0~2000V (10 turns potentiometer setting)
Output Current DC 0~500 Amp
Output Display 3 and 1/2 LED displayed voltmeter and ammeter
Line Regulation ≦0.1%
Load Regulation ≦0.1%
Ripple % ≦0.1% ≦0.5%
Voltage Transient Recovery Time 50~100µs ≦0.1s
Current Transient Recovery Time ≦50µs ≦0.1ms
Max. Output Value 105% of nominal value
Protection Over voltage, over current, output direction changed abnormally and short circuit
Cooling System Cooling fan
Insulating Resistance P-E: 20MΩ 500VDC, S-E: 20 MΩ 500VDC
Hi-Pot Test P-E: 1500VAC for 1 min., P-S: 1500VAC for 1 min.
Environment Temperature: 0℃~45℃  Humidity: 0%~95% (non-condensing)

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